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Welcome to Helena Nilsson Strategy & Communications!

Regardless of your own mother tongue, you have probably already guessed what the Swedish company name “Helena Nilsson Strategi & Kommunikation” means. Yes, I am a one-woman consultancy agency focused on strategy development and communications services for companies, organizations and individual managers.


My main areas of interest are analyzing business contexts and forming future strategies, developing organizations’ visions, core values and identities, and co-ordinating complex change and communications projects. I also have long experience handling crisis communications.


During my whole career I have liked entering into new arenas, folding out my organizational tentacles, understanding the conditions and challenges in this new world and sorting out how these challenges should be met. Today, this is what I do full-time in my professional role as a consultant.


My background is quite broad, which I see as an advantage when getting to know new clients, industries and situations. I have long experience working in different types of companies and organizations, whether steered by business logic, political decisions or non-profit interests.


Work experience


  • 15 years as Communications Director at Stockholmsmässan, Scandic Hotels and Poolia
  • Mentor within the Swedish Association of Management Consultants and the Swedish Communication Organization
  • Consultant and Business Development Manager at Appelberg
  • Internal Communications Manager at Perstorp
  • Journalist at Sydsvenska Dagbladet
  • Scientist at the National Defense Research Establishment


Educational background   


  • Change Management Certification (Prosci)
  • Business Transformation (Hyper Island)
  • Effective Company Directorship (Swedish Academy of Board Directors)
  • University studies in business administration, education, media and communication
  • Management Program (IFL/Stockholm School of Economics)
  • Licentiate degree in Medical Science (Karolinska Institute)


I’ve been working in international environments with people from all parts of the world since the late 80’s. During my years at Stockholmsmässan, I was a long-standing member of the Marketing Committee of UFI (the exhibition industry’s international trade association). I wouldn’t dare call myself fluent in English – they say that to claim this you should pass the “kitchen drawer test” and I’m not sure I would be able to name all utensils lying there – but business English is no problem and I'm used to, e.g., giving lectures, conducting interviews and running workshops in English.


Welcome to contact me at or +46 708 11 92 74!


”I have long experience working

in different types of companies and organizations, whether steered by business logic, political decisions or non-profit interests.”



Strategirådgivning och kommunikations-konsulttjänster för företag, organisationer och enskilda chefer.


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